Paul Martin Coates

Premier Wealth Manager

Building lifelong client relationships through loyalty and commitment.

A big part of Paul’s fulfilment in life stems from an endless pursuit to serve others.

Genuinely curious about people, their hopes, dreams and struggles, he considers financial advisory services the perfect platform for both meeting people from all walks of life and addressing their needs with a wide range of solutions.

Having spent over two decades in the financial advisory services business across the UK and Southeast Asia, including Singapore where he is now a Permanent Resident, Paul caters to a multi-cultural clientele.    

And as someone who relishes a challenge at work and outside of it, Paul is also a keen sportsman who gets a rush from running, football and swimming. He also socialises frequently with international networking fraternities where he’s known as the “go to” financial planning guy. 

Service & Expertise

As a Premier Wealth Manager, Paul’s service offering spans the full spectrum of financial planning. He firmly advocates the importance of protection, observing that people tend to underestimate their own value.

To him, life and health insurance are must-haves for any individual or business owner who wants to safeguard their future and that of their loved ones. In particular, Paul believes in the importance of critical illness protection, having lost family members and younger friends to serious illnesses.

What inspires him is the fact that the industry has been able to provide an array of multi-faceted financial solutions to cover critical illnesses, even recurring events – something that did not exist when he had just started out.


Areas of speciality include:

Asset Accumulation

Business Protection (for Shareholders & Business Owners)

Health Insurance (for Individual & Corporate)

Legacy Planning


So, what makes Paul Martin Coates different?

It all boils down to loyalty and commitment to his customers. Paul places strong value on long-term business and lifelong relationships. Testament to this is the number of referrals he gets and his way of ultimately becoming the family or business adviser for life.

When it comes to his top tip for building wealth, he draws inspiration from Benjamin Graham, author of Intelligent Investor and mentor to Warren Buffet: “Be patient, disciplined and eager to learn; and be able to harness your emotions and think for yourself”.


"I recently engaged Paul to help with life insurance. Not only did he help me to navigate the complexities of different policies and what they had to offer, he also helped me to better understand my financial position. He is a consummate professional and has a wealth of knowledge about financial planning.”

Mr Jim,
Executive Coach

"The service I received from Paul was exceptional. From the first meeting, I felt that my needs were understood, which resulted in the recommendation of services that were a perfect fit. He has been very accommodating of my busy schedule.  My family and I are now protected with an affordable solution, which is great peace of mind for us. I have since recommended Paul to others, as it is not often that I meet such an approachable, affable and professional person!"

Mr Richard,
Director of a media company


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