Royal Centurion Club

These individuals are recognised for their top-class performance among their peers and have earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering excellent financial planning services with the utmost professionalism. 

Royal Centurion Club is the highest accolade awarded to an individual in Aviva Financial Advisers.

Top Group Financial Services Director

Champion: Goh Hong Aik Vinson

Top 10 Wealth Managers

Champion: Lim Hong Jun
2nd Place: Rao Muyin
3rd Place: Lim Min Jie
4th Place: Chen Junrong
5th Place: Loh Kai Xin Katherine
6th Place: Quek Bao Xia Serene
7th Place: Kan Yee Sie Gervissa
8th Place: Angie Tan Li Li
9th Place: Dawson Wong Chu Zheng
10th Place: Low Chin Wei Calvin