Wealth Manager Category

These individuals are recognised for their outstanding performance in helping their clients achieve their financial goals. 

Champion: Lim Hong Jun
2nd Place: Rao Muyin, 3rd Place: Lim Min Jie and 4th Place: Chen Junrong
5th Place: Loh Kai Xin Katherine, 6th Place: Serene Quek Bao Xia and 7th Place: Kan Yee Sie Gervissa
8th Place: Angie Tan Li Li, 9th Place: Dawson Wong Chu Zheng and 10th Place: Low Chin Wei Calvin
Champion: Ho Jiaxing Jonathan
2nd Place: Simon Lau Yew Hock and 3rd Place: Christina Sow Chia Chien
Champion: Lim Hong Jun, 2nd Place: Rao Muyin and 3rd Place: Lim Min Jie
Champion: Dason Chong Yong Yiok, 2nd Place: Heng Keh Rui Derrick and 3rd Place: Mak Wan Er Jogina
Champion: Angie Tan Li Li, 2nd Place: Kan Yee Sie Gervissa and 3rd Place: Lee Wei Han Brandon
Champion: Wong Ying Rong Andre, 2nd Place: Kristal Tan Wang Chyi and 3rd Place: Louis Chan Lin Hang